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A Veteran's Best Friend are working with an amazing Romanian rescue called Perrera Dogs UK.  We are so pleased to be working with this organisation, without them we would struggle to help those veterans in need.  Saying all this, we need your help too, we need foster carers for our new, potential, assistance dogs in training.  This is such an important stage in the process, we can't obviously home the dogs straight to a veteran, the dogs behaviour needs to be assessed prior to this.  Perrera Dogs UK don't have an abundance of foster carers; therefore, that is why we need you. If you are interested contact them via - Also you can look at their website - Perrera Dogs UK - non profit dog rescue

Make sure you tell them that you are fostering on behalf of A Veteran's Best Friend, so they can make sure the dog you are fostering will come to us,  if their behaviour is deemed suitable.