Welcome to our Ambassador, Brian Taylor.

My name is Brian Taylor and originally from Cowdenbeath. I lived there until 1989, aged 22, to join the Royal Air Force (RAF).

I went to RAF Swinderby for my 6 weeks basic training before moving to RAF Cosford for my trade trading to become a Weapons Mechanic.

My first post to RAF Leuchars in November 89 to the Missile Servicing Flight stayed until Jul 1995.

My next post was to do Explosive Ordnance Disposal at RAF Wittering, but was employed to do range clearing at a World War II bombing range at Goswich Sands next to Holy Island in Northumberland for next 2 years.

Back to Cosford for my year long Technicians course and becoming a Engineering Weapons Technician then back to Leuchars and employed in the Station Armoury.

In 2000 off to Kuwait and Ali Al Salem for a 4 months tour.

2003 saw a tour to RAF Buchan, Peterhead. Only interrupted in 2004 with another detachment to Basra, Iraq for another 4 months!

I returned to be posted back to Leuchars this time to 56 Sqn and fast jets, namely Tornado F3. Laterally after disbanding moved to 43 Sqn.

My final posting in 2007 was to RAF Kinloss and Nimrods, Maritime support aircraft. I remained there until disbanding waiting on the new MRA4 Nimrod which after 18 months and already built was scrapped by our then government!

During this time, from 2000, I have been fundraising and until now have helped raise approximately £90,000 for over 30 separate charities.

My most recent project has seen me write 2 books with all the proceeds going to charity.

My first book, called Queenie, went to a children's cancer charity in Cupar, Toby’s Magical Journey and to date has raised over £2,500!

My second book, called Scrambled with Care, is going to a charity, Erskine, which looks after our countries veteran's and at present has raised over £3,500!

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Currently, I work as a Production Engineer for TechnipFMC in Dunfermline. I am chairperson on both our charity committees.

Employees fund where employees voluntarily contribute money each month and this is matched by our employer for local charities to ask for help.

Second is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund which is a duty as a business to help our local area.

So brings me to today where being asked to be an Ambassador for this charity blew me away! I am so delighted and excited to get stuck in and make this what it deserves to be, a brilliant success measured by our veterans well being.

“if we can just make one veteran sustain a better life then we have achieved our aim, if we can help more than one then we have excelled ourselves”

Remember though we can only be a success with your assistance to make this happen!

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